9,366 Fr

TV Guard Voltage Protector and protect your LED/LCD TV and home entertainment system against all power fluctuations. It provides protection against high voltage as well as against low voltage. It provides spike/surge protection and power back surge protection. It has microprocessor control. Moreover, this voltage protector protects LED/LCD TV and your home entertainment system.

The 6 way extension cable has an extended functionality of electrical outlets and gives extra reach to electrical cords. It is ideal for indoor power applications and its 13 amp rated. Its keyhole is easy to fix for wall mounting with safety shuttered sockets for protection.

This expansion is ideal for you in the event that you have to associate more than one machine when there is only one attachment available. This augmentation permits you to interface numerous apparatus at any time. It has a neon light when powered on. The link length is long-over 5 metres which is perfect for a normal room.